Paving Products


There is a wide variety of quality paving products on offer to suit all tastes and needs. Molina supplies and installs natural stone, clay and brick pavers, working with our customers to select the appropriate paving material for each project. Contact us today for more information. Our range of pavers includes the following.


Brick pavers are a common choice for different types of paving projects, being a relatively affordable, reliable and sturdy material. It offers natural slip resistance, which is important for areas such as pool decks. Brick pavers also retain their color over a long period, even when constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

Since they are made of natural clay, brick pavers are also an environmentally-friendly choice. Unlike concrete, brick maintains its shape and integrity, even when the ground beneath it shifts. This structural flexibility means your brick paving will resist cracking and splitting.


Old Chicago pavers are clay bricks that are popular for their classic, ageless appeal and beautiful variations in color and texture. These paving bricks have been reclaimed from vintage, demolished structures in the city of Chicago. As these old buildings have been torn down, paving contractors have seen the value in reusing the early 19th Century, kiln-fired bricks – they don’t make them like this anymore! These pavers have unique pink and cream colorations that are unique to the bricks made for construction projects in and around Chicago at that time, and many of them feature the distinctive union diamond stamped on their faces as a mark of quality assurance.

Naturally, the supply of these pavers is limited due to the fact that they are reclaimed from demolished buildings. A more sustainable alternative called Colombian brick pavers are also available. These have very similar hues, shapes and dimensions, but are much more plentiful in supply.


Travertine is a natural stone that is ideal for pool decks, patios, driveways and walkways. Similar to limestone in appearance and composition, it is formed via a very different process. Travertine is created when minerals dissolve in water, and the resulting deposits are then pushed to the surface by natural springs. It is roughly two to three times stronger than concrete, making it exceptionally durable and resistant to heavy loads, impact, and wear. Travertine also maintains its temperature much more effectively than other stone paving materials, or even clay. This means that it doesn’t get too hot in the sun, so you can comfortably walk barefoot on your travertine pool deck or lie back for some sunbathing. This beautiful stone also does not fade. Years of exposure to the elements will not change their appearance at all.

Because it is a natural stone, travertine offers a broad range of patterns and tones, with no two paving stones being exactly alike. It blends easily into your landscape design and adds a touch of natural elegance. It is a beautiful and practical choice for your paving project.