Concrete and asphalt are the usual choices for driveways pavers, and while they serve the purpose perfectly well, they don’t come with the combination of functional and aesthetic benefits that you can get from brick, clay, or travertine paving.

If you are planning to repave your driveway, why not think beyond the usual asphalt or concrete and consider high-quality driveway paving instead?

Driveways In Florida
Driveways In Florida




Pavers can be installed in a variety of patterns and designs, one of their many benefits. You could opt for herringbone, basket weave, running-bond, stack bond, circular, or fan patterns. The choice of pattern will depend on your preferences, as well as your choice of material and the shape of the area of being paved.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get asked about paver driveways.
No, it is not necessary to seal your pavers; it is entirely optional. However, there are benefits to sealing your driveway. It makes it easier to clean and protects the pavers against the elements – rain, sunlight, etc. It also reduces the likelihood of weeds growing between the pavers. Plus, it just looks better!
The thickness differs among the different materials, but on average, pavers should be between 2 ⅜” thick, or at least somewhere in the 2-3 inches range.
Unlike asphalt and concrete paving, a paver driveway is ready to use immediately once the installation is complete.
Sealing the pavers helps to prevent the growth of weeds. You should also ensure that your driveway can drain adequately so that gaps between the pavers don’t stay damp and offer ideal conditions for the growth of weeds. Sweep your driveway regularly to prevent seeds from settling.
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